Aren’t all dog treats pretty much the same? What makes your cookies a better choice for my dog?
Not all dog treats are created equal. Unlike other dog cookies that are loaded with empty calories and harmful ingredients, our vegetarian cookies contain a variety of healthy ingredients, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, fresh ground peanut butter, blackstrap molasses, ground flaxseed, grapeseed oil, and farm fresh eggs.
Doesn’t my dog need meat in his/her diet? What do vets have to say about your vegetarian dog cookie?
Like their cousins, the bears, dogs are carnivorous omnivores – craving meat, and yet eager to consume anything edible – including fruits and vegetables. Today, veterinary studies have shown that vegetables are a beneficial part of a canine’s balanced diet. Today, many respected veterinarians recommend that pet owners offer their dogs some vegetables. It is important not to add the spices, sauces or butter commonly used in a human diet as this is both unnecessary and inadvisable for our four-legged friends. Please visit our Vet Report page to read what leading veterinarians have to say about the nutritional value of The Animal Cookie Company Original Vegetarian Dog Cookie as a part of your dog’s diet.

My dog likes the national brand dog treat. Why should I change?
While your dog may prefer one of the national brands of dog treats, it is important to be well-informed by reading and comparing ingredients. Just as children typically prefer a piece of candy over an apple, your dog may prefer some treats that are not of the highest nutritional value. An occasional piece of candy for your child is not likely to do any harm, but feeding “junk food” to your pet can lead to adverse consequences. Your dog is depending on you for his or her proper nutrition. If you want to provide your best friend with a daily treat, then it is important to discuss the healthful options with your vet and to take the time to carefully read labels, watching out for empty calories and harmful ingredients such as artificial colorants, flavor enhancers, chemical preservatives or added sugar or salt. The Animal Cookie Company Original Vegetarian dog cookies never contains any of these harmful ingredients, making it a healthful treat when given as part of your pet’s well-balanced diet.
I see peanut butter sometimes listed as an ingredient in dog treats. Is peanut better good for my dog?
Yes, but use only pure, unsalted peanut butter. Many commercial brands contain hydrogenated oils (transfats), added sugar, salt and/or starches. These additives provide no nutritional value and can be detrimental to a dog’s good health, just as they would be for a human. We use only fresh, hand-ground unsalted peanut butter in our Peanut Butter & Carrot dog cookie as it provides extra protein and phytonutrients, beneficial to a dog’s health and well-being. When selecting a dog cookie, be sure to read the label carefully, to avoid treats with unhealthy ingredients.

My dog suffers with food allergies – what can I offer that isn’t going to trigger an allergic reaction?

If you know your dog’s food sensitivities, and you pay close attention to reading labels, you can make good choices. Working with top Veterinary dermatologists and allergy specialists, The Animal Cookie Company formulated an Allergy-Sensitive Dog Cookie that meets the needs of most food-sensitive dogs. This cookie contains no dairy, wheat, corn, soy, eggs, yeast, added salt or refined sugars, all commonly recognized allergens.

Why is it so important to read labels?
For many years consumers were not well-informed about nutrition and the listing of ingredients meant little. Today, we know to watch out for things like “trans fats” and “artificial colorants” because medical studies have revealed the health risks associated with the consumption of such ingredients. Modern Veterinarian medicine has now revealed that many ingredients commonly used in some of the most well-known dog treats are actually harmful or completely lacking in nutritional value, serving only as empty calories. The Animal Cookie Company Original Vegetarian dog cookie uses only the freshest, human-grade ingredients, brimming with super-foods and nature’s nutrition. You will never see any artificial colorants, flavor enhancers, chemical preservatives, GMO, added salt, sugar or starches. Unlike other dog treats, you can actually consume The Animal Cookie Company Original Vegetarian dog cookie right along with your dog and share in the benefits of healthful ingredients rich in Vitamins A, C, & E.

Can your dog cookies be used for training incentives?
Most definitely! We have received highly favorable feedback from dog owners, exhibitors and professionals approving of The Animal Cookie Company Dog Cookies as a wholesome training and show ring treat. Please read the label on your current training treat package so that you can make an informed decision.